7 TV shows from 2021 you may not have heard of

The Serpent (2021)

Hans Herbots and Tom Shankland have drawn an authentic and surprisingly atmospheric story of the pursuit of one of the most dangerous criminals of the 20th century, Charles Sobrage. The seventies of the twentieth century, with their style and drive, literally unfold in front of you, and the story itself, which looks like a compressed spring, will make you squeeze into a chair until the credits of the last episode. The series is convincing in everything – a product of such a high standard for today is already a rarity – do not miss it!

Paris Police 1900 (2021)

A visceral crime drama in which almost all the characters are not on the bright side – this is exactly the kind of neo-noir that directors Julien Despeaux, Frederic Balekjian and Fabien Nuri will show us. A rather banal plot (for the investigation of the death of a girl whose corpse was found in the Seine River, an ambitious policeman is taken) quickly transforms into a parade of “skeletons from a closet” slides”.

Coyote (2021)

“Coyote” wholly and completely rests on the play of Michael Chiklis, so beloved by the audience on the TV series “The Shield”. In “Coyote” the hero is just as harsh and brutal: the role of the veteran of the border service Ben Clemons, who was “thrown” on the other side of the wall, suited the actor like a glove. And the transformation of the character, taking place against the background of a completely different and unusual world for him, is made with a plus.

Tribes of Europa (2021)

Sweeping German fiction – Philip Koch and Florian Baxmeyer have combined under one roof dystopia, action, and adventure, and of course, a sea of fantasy. So, the future has come – in 2074, Europe has disintegrated into many tribal states, in which only the struggle for power is raging. Brothers and sisters fall out of the fire and into the fire – now they have to not only survive, but also save the world. Not too tidy, but quite impressive in places.

Walker (2021)

Relaunch of the cult series that made Chuck Norris famous all over the world. In the new version of the famous story of the ranger, Cordell Walker is played by Jared Padalecki, and is assisted by Lindsay Morgan. It turned out a little more politically correct and glamorous than we would like – but sometimes the action breaks off the bat, so everything is forgivable to the saga.

Resident Alien (2021)

Everything is as usual – the alien suffered an accident on Earth and is now forced to disguise himself as an ordinary citizen. The choice fell on the village doctor, well, Alien’s “acquaintance” with people will now go much faster – after all, the police turned to him for an autopsy. In places gloomy, in places very funny – “Slut from Space” was a success “for all the money.”

Fate: The Winx Saga (2021)

Attempts to bring the cartoon into the film dimension have rarely been successful, but Lisa James-Larsson, Hannah Quinn, and Steven Wolfenden seem to have succeeded. The continuation of the story of the Winx Club, the story of the students of the school of sorceresses “Alfea”, is painted here as if by notes. There will be love, conspiracies, and monsters – the main thing is to overcome a couple of initial (very slow) introductory episodes. Further, “Destiny” will reveal itself from a completely different side and will offer you a very exciting action.